ts mcfadden  i did not choose to be an artist


    Who I am is what my art is.  And isn’t.  My creation is not a mirror of what I feel inside, it is a reaction to it.  I am often driven to create the opposite.  If I didn’t, I would get lost in the darkness.

     I am an intuitive artist whose truth is found in the process of “creation.”  My work is best described as creative bursts that are driven by the moment of their conception.  Those moments are many and constant, inspired by the simple to the complex.  They last as long as the creative energy that birthed them burns.  I can make something out of anything and I often do.  It is something I can’t describe, something I did’t choose and something I can’t ignore.

    Because of this, I have small collections of work that represent experiment and quick transition.  I have larger collections that, when seen together represent an evolution of my interest in that particular creative direction.  And then these collections end.  I rarely return to them and I do not re-invent them.

    My painting journey began as abstract and took many turns.  The smaller collections from my early work show my organized brain stretching beyond to find freedom.  And then freedom became less abstract - literally and figuratively.  Landscapes and flowers.  That led me back to my current work, MOTHER SERIES, using recycled pieces of paint.  It most clearly represents me inside my brain.

    My sculpting is a slow and smoldering process.  I stacked two cords of wood and I wanted to save every piece for something.  I saw something special in every single piece.  Wood moves me.  I have loved trees since I was a child.  Elephant Graveyard was my need to honor the dead.

    I build furniture because I get jazzed by the idea of my work fulfilling a practical need.  The craftsman skill needed is a stern teacher to my patience as an artist.  I am a tough student.  But, it is a constant creative wave that ripples through my life and so I can’t restrain it. 

    And I write, when my hands are too tired or my eyes can no longer unscramble color.  My poetry reflects a side of me that, like my artwork, finds beauty more often than anger.  It is my survival reflex.  It is my salve.  And I am an idealist, which is also seen in my children’s book series.

The gallery links are below.   For available work and prices please inquire to art@tsmcfadden.com


artist Tim McFadden